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Addressing Data Security in Government

Addressing Data Security in Government

Sanjay Khera

Friday, May 21, 2021


The importance of protecting critical data and maintain confidentiality for any organization cannot be overemphasized. It assumes great relevance and absolute urgency in the case of organizations like the government, military, and intelligence due to the highly sensitive and confidential nature of the data they deal with.

The traditional protection technologies at network and endpoint layers are great but not enough. The high-profile data breach incidents are proof that these technologies are increasingly ineffective against advanced cyberattacks and compromised insiders, leaving gaps where data is exposed.

Data-centric security approach:

When properly implemented, comprehensive data-centric security gives the organization complete control over its sensitive data from the moment it is created.

Critical Data Discovery and Data Classification are the two most important building blocks to enforce data-centric security within an organization to protect sensitive/regulated data, maintain confidentiality, and minimize the risk of data spillage and inadvertent disclosure.

Forrester says, “when you know where the data is and how important it is to the organization, you know how to treat it. Classification information can be leveraged across the technical operational environment to create efficiencies…If you are not leveraging data classification, you are working too hard.”

Klassify Data Discovery & Classification Suite is intelligent data discovery, data classification, and policy enforcement solution. The unified tool ensures data identification in different file formats, classification of data based on data sensitivity during different data lifecycle stages i.e. data at rest, data in use, and data in motion, to mitigate risks of accidental data leakage and unauthorized access.

Key features:

  • Critical data discovery across different data storage points including user systems, servers, databases, emails.
  • Real-time content inspection for documents, emails, and attachments to ensure correct labeling in line with the sensitivity attached.
  • Visual markings in the form of headers, footers, watermarks, to clearly identify information sensitivity.
  • Persistent metadata tagging to increase the accuracy and effectiveness of DLP, email security, encryption, and other data protection controls.
  • Native integration with IRM solution helps to apply information barriers on the data to control user’s rights on the data.
  • Email domain and user Whitelisting/Blacklisting to control email transmission and block unauthorized access of any sensitive information.

 Key use cases:

  • Identify, classify & protect data based on data sensitivity
  • Validate and meet various stringent govt cybersecurity regulations and compliance requirements.
  • Define and assign information barriers to control who can access what data.
  • Ensure user participation and accountability.
  • User risky behavior monitoring; proactively address any insider threat.
  • Metadata and markings attached to documents ensure easy and consistent sharing among organizations.
  • Protect PII and other sensitive and confidential information.
  • Integrate, automate and enhance the efficiency of protection controls such as DLP, IRM, Encryption, etc.

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